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Getting Your Confidence Back After A Break Up

Even the most amicable break-up can leave you feeling down and cause you to suffer a crisis of confidence. If you’ve just had your heart broken or you’ve split up with somebody because it wasn’t working out, here are some tips to help you build up your confidence and feel more positive: Look forward It’s really hard to look forward when you’ve just broken up with somebody, but dwelling on the past and raking up old mud will only make you feel worse. Try to be optimistic and look forward Read more [...]

Three of the best smart phones available today

These days, you can’t go anywhere without seeing people on their mobile phones. With smart phone technology, you can do everything on the go, from finding maps to direct you to your next meeting, to using a search engine to find a lingual braces clinic and booking a table for dinner, everything is possible. So, how do you choose a smart phone and which model would suit you best? Here are 3 of the best smart phones available today: Apple iPhone Look around a carriage on the tube and you’ll probably Read more [...]
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